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1:1 Holistic Services Options

A la carte and packages available to work with Jackie.

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On-Demand Courses

On-Demand, step-by-step video courses and classes with Jackie.

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Elevate Package

A 16+ session holistic health coaching package.

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1:1 Holistic Services Options

One on One

I offer a plethora of a la carte and package options for one-on-one services. Whether your goal is to have an a la carte therapeutic self-care session, or to work together over a period of time to experience deep healing and transformation, we start with a complimentary call. This ensures I can best meet your individualized needs, goals, and desires as soon as we begin our first therapeutic session, holistic healing journey, or feng shui consultation. Please use this link to book a free intro call. If you cannot find a time that works, please contact me directly through the Work With Jackie button at the top of this site. I look forward to speaking with you!


Feng Shui

Achieve greater harmony and balance in home and in life through working with your environment. Enjoy improved relationships, health, prosperity, and more.



A 16+ session package that includes all offerings and more. Best if you are ready to unlock your blocks, rediscover your health and wholeness, and find peace within so you can live your most fulfilling life as who you most want to be (and truly are), and to maintain these shifts with the greatest momentum, support, and ease. Best value.


On-Demand Zentangle Courses

Learn the Zentangle method of mindfulness drawing! Through a series of step-by-step simple strokes and patterns, you will create intricate drawings that allow you to experience a flow state while drawing and provide beautiful final products when done!

Zentangle: Basics Course

This is the perfect introduction to Zentangle and will provide the foundation for other classes. This course is a series of 3x 1.5 hr recorded classes. Drawings are black ink and graphite on white paper.

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Zentangle: Black+White Course

This course is a series of 3x 1.5 hr recorded classes. The drawings are white ink and charcoal pencil on black paper.

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Zentangle: Renaissance Course

This course is a series of 2x 1.5 hr recorded classes. Drawings are sienna ink and white charcoal on tan paper.

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Zentangle: Frosted Flowers Course

This course is one 2 hr workshop recording where you will be guided to create several different images. Drawings are white ink and charcoal on black paper.

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Zentangle: April Showers Bring May Flowers

This course is 3x 1.5 hr recorded classes where you will combine different tangle patterns in fun ways to create unique abstract flower designs. Drawings are blue ink and graphite on gray paper.

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Hard to choose just one? Get the complete set. Best Value!

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On-Demand, Hyperlinked Catalog Video Courses

100 Guided Yoga & Meditation Practices

Grab your very own copy of a comprehensive catalog of the 100 12-Minute Mindful Movement and Meditation videos that have been created to make it easy to fit these practices into your day. There are a variety of themes and yoga styles represented in the videos so you can follow along with the practice that best meets you wherever you are in mind, body, and spirit at that moment in time. Videos can be done alone or stacked with others to create longer practices. This clickable catalog makes it easy to go directly to the video that can best serve you in each unique moment.

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Meet Elevate:

A 16+ session holistic health coaching package for individuals experiencing physical and emotional challenges, and who are ready for the support to uplift their life, so they can move forward as the person they most want to be.


Who Is Elevate For?

Elevate is for you if ...

  • You have chronic stress and health issues and don’t know how to intervene or get a handle on them. You know that if you don’t learn to manage or resolve them they will negatively impact your quality of life and will limit how you are able to be present for the people who matter most to you.

  • You are feeling stuck in stress and the past and you desire to move forward but need support. You tend to overreact and find it difficult to ground in the moment, and desire to access your own inner peace and calm which will allow you to respond to situations as your higher self would. 

  • You have physical, psychological, or emotional health challenges, from acute or chronic physical pain such as migraines or pelvic pain; to pervasive health conditions such as cancer, traumatic brain injury, or insomnia; to psychological health issues like stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, or night terrors; to major life events/stressors such as divorce, grief and loss, extreme change.
  • You have symptoms of having survived trauma. You want to move forward but feel the energy of the past trauma is stuck and trapped in the body which makes you find yourself repeating unhealthy cycles of the past even though you’re trying to break free of them.

  • You have feelings of instability and survival-mode functioning. You have so much on your plate and you do it all. Everyone thinks you have it all together but secretly you feel like you’re falling apart. You overthink, experience self-doubt, know you’re not expressing yourself fully, feel like a duller version of yourself that is exhausted and going through the motions.


And Are You Ready To...

  • To be pain-less and enjoy better all around health - you know you can heal, grow, and thrive and want a holistic approach to your upgrade in the health and wellness of your mind, body, soul, and space.

  • Process and release emotions such a grief, sadness, anger, resentment so that you can let go and start to embody happiness, vibrancy, and joy.

  • Have the capacity and ability to respond from a calm and grounded place, rather than having the reactive responses that don’t make you proud.

  • Be more at peace, present in your body, and able to access the here and now - quiet your racing thoughts that get in the way of you being your best self and living your best life.

  • Live life from a place of optimal health, happiness, and overall well-being.

  • Be the best version of yourself, present for those who matter most to you, have meaningful, connected relationships, enjoy a feeling of wholeness, joy, and well-being, and step into your next chapter with more ease.